Re: gtk.TreeView.set_model(TreeStore) expanders do not seem to work?

su, 2009-10-18 kello 10:16 -0700, Daniel B. Thurman kirjoitti:
If you wish to see the entire code, see the attachment below,

Attachments don't seem to get through the list (at least not .zips). I
got it from the direct e-mail you sent, though. (Might be worthwhile to
attach it without zipping, or inline in the e-mail rather than as an

The program is over two hundred lines long. Could you make a smaller
version that still shows the problem? This would have two benefits: it's
less code to read for those trying to help, and might help you realize
what the problem is yourself.

        treeview.set_model(ts)                 # <== Expanders do not
work for new children!

You shouldn't need to set the model more than once. Just changing the
model in place should result in the view updating itself.

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