using doxygen to document gobject/gtk classes?

Hi all,

I'm in a situation where I'd like to use doxygen (and not gtk-doc) to
document some GObject-derived classes.  Does anyone have any
experience with this and knows of any tricks to use to make the output
more useful?  I found one link via google[1] that referred to this,
but it didn't have much useful info.

Specifically, here are the problems I'm having:

1.  If I have a "final" GObject class (only the typedef for the struct
in the .h file, with the struct definition in the .c file), the symbol
is showing up as "struct _Foo" in the doxygen docs, instead of just

2.  I can't seem to figure out how to get documentation for signals
and properties into the docs.

3.  Possibly related to #1, I'm not sure how to make the docs
understand the class hierarchy.  The \extends command in doxygen
doesn't seem to be working for me.



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