Re: Drag 'n' Drop behavior in Windows

As a user of Geany, I was surprised to find that when attempting to move
selected text by d'n'd, that the default behavior under WinXP was copy

Presumably you are talking about drag.and-drop inside one application
instance, as drag-and-drop of anything (including text) between apps
does not work in GTK+ on Windows?

I don't know what causes this behaviour, and presumably it is not
intended. File a bug at against product:gtk+,

where I had expected it to be move as it is in Linux. When I brought this up on
the Geany list, I was told that this behavior is part of GTK.

The correct thing to compare to should be how non-GTK+ apps in general
behave on Windows, though, not how GTK+ behaves on X11. The intent is
that GTK+ should follow the platform's expected behaviour when
applicable. But anyway, in this case the platform defaults seems to be
move and not copy, too, when dragging inside one app.


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