Re: GTK warning

From: "Stefan Kost" ,  22/02/2009 21:59:

I'm running my program with --g-fatal-warnings at the end of the command
line. I don't know whether that flag does anything in PyGTK, though.
That flag work on Glib level and makes warnings fatal to be able to get a
backtrace in gdb. For refcounts that is not always useful. Read the README in
refdb it explains types of refcount isssues and helps a bit for debug them.
Unfortunately its still not easy as you can't automatically tell which ref or
unref is wrong.

With --g-fatal-warnings makes a non-fatal warning into a fatal one so the debugger can trap it, is there an 
option to turn non-fatal warnings into breakpoints instead, which I believe are fatal when there's no 
debugger attached?


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