Re: Gtk 3.0

That's why I asked in the first message of this thread, what are the plans regarding GtkGLExt. To the best of my knowledge, GtkGLExt is still the official way to bridge GTK and OpenGL:

are there plans to integrate this via Cairo and discard GtkGLExt? that was mentioned in this list years ago...

It seems gtkglext does not work yet with SINGLE_INCLUDES. When I compile my app I get the following error message (gtkgkext is including gdkgltypes.h and this is flagged down):

GtkGLExt is not Gtk+ 3.0 ready.  There are more problems in the demos
(some still use GtkFileSelection and they fail to receive pointer motion
events in Gtk+ 2.18+).  I'm not sure how much/if GtkGLExt is mainatained
at present.


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