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On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 19:56:05 +0100, Bastiaan Veelo <bastiaan sarc nl>


1) In order to get approximately correctly scaled text I had to specify 
a resolution of around 27.2 on the pango context. This value was 
determined by trial and error. I suspect I am doing something 
fundamentally wrong, and I would like to know how to render text the way 
the font designer inteded it. I have tried scaling only graphics and not 
text, but even then text was much too big.

2) The printed font seems a little heavy. This may be due to the scaling 
issue above.
regarding the font issues in general: did you ever try to use Pango for
the fonts instead of Cairo?
In my app I'm using a PangoContext to place text into the page, but
this also causes problems, at least on Windows.
7) When printing under Windows to a Canon inkjet, the bounding rectangle 
of graphics (not text) is filled black (auch!). The PDF is printed OK. 
I have the same problem, it is also black when the document is printed
to a PDF printer on Windows (e.g. PDFCreator from
The attached little example code demonstrates the problem. Probably I'm
doing something wrong, if so, can anyone tell me what?
The code works fine on Linux, on Windows with GTK 2.12.1, Pango 1.18.3
and Cairo 1.4.10 the created rectangle is completely filled with black.
Is this a GTK/Pango problem, in Cairo or in my code?
See and to see what it looks like.

8) When exporting to PDF on Windows, trying to overwrite an existing 
file, the program crashes (oops!). This works fine on Linux.
I can't reproduce this, on my Windows 2000 box I can overwrite existing
files as expected.


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