Re: GObject docs improvements

A point I miss in the tutorial is to mention the
G_DEFINE_TYPE()-like macros which should be prefered over
manually defining a _get_type() function whenever possible.
I never did get that G_DEFINE_TYPE() stuff at all... It'd be
good to see some clear documentation on it.
The G_DEFINE_TYPE() stuff is a macro that expands to the
common boilerplate code. If you have this and are able to write
the boilerplate code manually, what other documentation is needed?

How about a real-world example, and a note on advantages (other than less typing) and disadvantages compared 
to doing it the long-winded way (spelling out the whole lot of boilerplate code).

What are the cases where the G_DEFINE_TYPE() macros are commonly useful, for what common cases AREN'T they 
useful (but might look useful at for glance, for example), and where applicable, notes on how to get around 
certain limitations of the macro (eg. there's a lot of NULLs in the type info structure shown in the 
documentation) and why or why not to do it that way.

That kind of thing might be helpful...


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