Re: Glade GUI: changing mechanism

"Olexiy Avramchenko" <aolexiy gmail com> 31/Oct/2006 12:58:37 >>>
On 10/31/06, Johan Kohler <johan kohler gmail com> wrote:
Isn't it possible to "inline" the .glade file in the compiled code?
Ie. Instead of reading from a  text file, it reads from a declared
constant.  I think that one can inline pixmaps in this way using GTK.

Sure, it's possible to embed xml into executable and load it with
glade_xml_new_from_buffer(). This is a good way for the people who
afraid someone will change their UI appearance.

I find glade_xml_new_from_buffer() crashes when it tries to
load a non-stock image.  Is this a known bug?

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