Treeview with different GtkCellRenderes at each row?


Do you have any idea of how to create a listview in which one of the colums uses a different GtkCellRenderer for each row?

I have browsed through the GtkTreeView tutorial but haven´t got a clue about that. All the documentation I found talks about a unique cell renderer being used for a whole column. In fact, what I need is a treeview column which shows a line as text, another line as a combobox, another line as text again, the next line as a checkbox, and so on. Creating a new tree model did not seem to be a good idea, because the cell rendering is tied to the "visual" part of a treeview, not to the model itself. I have also tried to find a GTK application with something like that, but I have not found one.

Thank you very much!

Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brasil

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