Re: how to use GTK+ on Mingw&msys? what i need to begin with GTK+?

thank you.
about GNU automake, autoconfig i will read that knowledge as your help.
the purpose to compile and install the GTK+ from sources ?
yeh, shortly i just want to write GTK+ applications which can run on the Unix-like or Mac OS platforms on my desktop-windowsXP, like the Gaim.

so i have installed the Mingw&msys as emulating for Unix-like system on my desktop-windowsxp.

if i just will run GTK+ applications only on Windows, i may be enough to install GTK+ package for Win32 on windows XP. of course i will need a gcc compiler. CORRECT?

thank you again, i will try to check the more knowledge about these-related.

> now i'm starting programming with GTK+ in order to support multi
> platform(like Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS) about which run the my
> appllications.
> but i get to be difficult from first step.
> that looks a base.
> i would build and install GTK+ API packages(from sources) on Mingw
> including msys under Windows xp.
> why? because of   i think my GTK+ applications have to be compiled and
> build,
> after doing which they have to be run at anywhere(that is, linux
> do on linux, , windows version do on windows..) -

Why do you think you have to compile Gtk+ yourself,
especially that you have to start with that?  Of course, you
have to compile your app.  But the former does not follow
from the latter.

> i can know how to
> cross-compile for each different platfrom from Mingw wegsite.

IAFAIK this was successfuly tried with cross-compilation for
MS Windows on U*ix.  But cross-compilation for Mac OS X on
MS Windows with MinGW is something that -- if ever tried --
will require much deeper knowledge than what configure and are for (no offence please).

Since you need the target system for testing anyway, start
with compilation for each system on that system, and once it
works, you can attempt cross-compilation.

> i done as following
> "";.
> so i done following on command prompt of msys :
> 1. unzip GTK+ 2.8.9 source package 'gtk+-2.8.9.tar.gz' at /sdk/gtk
> directory i made
> 2. i move my path to gtk+-2.8.9 source topleve folder
> which be made by above unzipping.
> 3../configure
> this looks working some of many  processing.

And it ended with some error...

> 4.make
> this display a message as "*** No targets specified and no makefie
> Stop."

...because no Makefile was created.  Without that error it's
hard to say.

> so i done as 'make -f', this case make display as "***
> separator. Stop"
> the missing separator of is @SET_MAKE@ at source line 15

Please read some tutorial on the GNU automake/autoconf/...
toolchain (there are plenty of them).

> i can don't more.
> please tell me what i need to begin with GTK+?

Install it, for example from GladeWin32

> and how to do for which load GTK+ API architecture on Mingw&msys (not
> for Win32 package, i know it purpose) ?

I'm sorry but this sentence is totally unintelligible.


That's enough.

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