Re: Howto really debug gdk_x_error?

Dnia 2006-04-20 13:30, Użytkownik Faria, Sydney C napisał:
I used the following code to update a Pango string with no problems:

    char *markup = g_strconcat(s1, standdata.Stand,
                               s2, standdata.Engine,
                               s3, standdata.jobnumber,
                               s4, standdata.Package,
                               s5, txs_used,
                               s6, standdata.passedFilename,
                               s7, NULL);
gtk_label_set_markup(GTK_LABEL(markupLabel), markup); g_free(markup);
where s1 - s7 are strings containing the <scan> labels and the standdata
struct can change from time to time.
I'm using g_strdup_printf, but it's not the problem (i hope so)

Where is your code called? -mine is from fimer function added by g_timeout_add

Are You using timers, pthreads, gthreads?
- i'm using pthreads, but there are no gtk call from there

How often are made changes to markupLabel?
-my  theread is reading data from external usb device,
 and timer function every 50ms displays them

My question to ALL is:  are there any tools or methods to find what's wrong?

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