Re: Howto really debug gdk_x_error?

On 4/21/06, Wojciech Kromer <wojciech kromer dgt com pl> wrote:
Where is your code called?
 -mine is from fimer function added by g_timeout_add

Are You using timers, pthreads, gthreads?
 - i'm using pthreads, but there are no gtk call from there

How often are made changes to markupLabel?
 -my  theread is reading data from external usb device,
  and timer function every 50ms displays them

My question to ALL is:  are there any tools or methods to find what's wrong?

I have a largish gtk2 application which uses g_thread and does a lot
of painting in idle handlers and I've not seen this problem. It sounds
like a horrible race condition :-(

I've found problems like this in the past by making the smallest
example I can that shows the problem, then using valgrind (or efence
perhaps) and lots of printf()s. A good log file can often reveal
timing issues.

Perhaps you could update every 10ms and get a crash sooner? Sorry not
to be more helpful.


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