Re: How to detect if a glist->data is a GUINT_TO_POINTER for not freeing it ?

Enrico Tröger wrote:
No, it is a simple decimal value. I appended the l to emphasise that it
is a long int. I'm not completely sure, but I think you can safely omit

This is my code:
original = g_strndup ( start , end - start);
unsigned long long int *_original = g_malloc(sizeof(unsigned long long int));
*_original = atoll (original);
g_free (original);

later I fill the GList:
archive->row = g_list_prepend (archive->row , _original) ;

Then in another file.c I have to fill the liststore by retrieving the values from the GList:

gtk_list_store_set(GTK_LIST_STORE(list_store), &iter, i, fields->data, -1);

And in this line I get the segfault ! Obviously I declared that column as G_TYPE_UINT64;

It's related to the allocated u long long int pointer because if I use GUINT_TO_POINTER with G_TYPE_UINT it works. Do you have any idea about the crash ?
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