Re: GtkTreeView SIGNALS

On Tue, 3 May 2005 10:48:15 -0400
André Pedralho <apedralho gmail com> wrote:

The 'cursor-changed' works very well... Unfortunately the GTK and Glib
tutorials are so poor and don't explain in easy words what we want to
know! Look at 'cursor-changed' topic:

void user_function (GtkTreeView *treeview, gpointer user_data);
treeview: the object which received the signal.
user_data: user data set when the signal handler was connected.

Yes... The GTK generally is somewhat terse (to say the least). I'm sure
the people there will appreciate any input to improve the docs. Writing
good docs is very time-consuming... And difficult too.

Still, the "GTK+ 2.0 Tree View Tutorial", from Tim-Philipp Müller, is
quite good, and explains most of the frequently needed things (FNT (c))...

Havoc Pennington's GTK+ / Gnome Application Development is also a must.


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