Re: GtkTreeView SIGNALS

Hi André,

I've submitted an initial patch to bugzilla that adds docs to all treeview signals ;)

For anyone with good treeview knowledge, please review and help me on the missing details. One thing I am not sure is about all the signal that return gboolean - e.g. move-cursor. Does returning TRUE just mean, no further handlers get the event?


The 'cursor-changed' works very well... Unfortunately the GTK and Glib
tutorials are so poor and don't explain in easy words what we want to
know! Look at 'cursor-changed' topic:

void user_function (GtkTreeView *treeview, gpointer user_data);
treeview: the object which received the signal.
user_data: user data set when the signal handler was connected.

The ctree had a better tutorial and was easyer to use than TreeView...
I think cause of that there is a lot of questions about TreeView in
this mail list!


On 5/3/05, Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com> wrote:

On 5/3/05, John Coppens <john jcoppens com> wrote:

On Tue, 3 May 2005 10:11:49 -0400
André Pedralho <apedralho gmail com> wrote:

I'm trying to use the single click on a GtkTreeView. Is there a way
for me? The row-activated signal is activated with a double click...
I'm needind one that is launched with just one click!

Check 'cursor_changed' - that's normally the one you want.

There is also as a last possibility the GtkWidget's "event" signal.


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