Re: GtkListStore and Threads problems

On 06/15/2005 07:55:45 PM Wed, Lorena Salinas wrote:
Here is a graphic to show where (I suppose) the problem is:
[ snip ]
T1: gtk_main() starts to read the 5 columns of row 1 from the model shared with
   the working thread (using gtk_tree_model_get())

T2: the working thread locks GTK main thread
gtk_main() is blocked in the middle of the loop to read the 5 columns

I doubt that could happen. The main thread would have to drop the lock in order for the working thread to get it, and I don't believe it would do that in the middle of the supposed loop. Instead, the working thread is blocked until the main thread activity is done, and the lock is released.

You could get a little more detail on where the original problem arises by running with --g-fatal-warnings under gdb a few times. The stack traces will let you know what was going on at the time.


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