Re: GtkListStore and Threads problems

On 06/14/2005 02:20:16 PM Tue, Lorena Salinas wrote:

This is what I do inside the worker_thread function
(create_and_start_worker_thread ()) every time I want to update

gdk_threads_enter();            /* get GTK thread lock */

gtk_list_store_set (GTK_LIST_STORE (host_model), &iter,
                        MYMODEL_COL_STATUS, STATUS_NORMAL,

gdk_threads_leave();            /* release GTK thread lock

This may not be the cause of your current problem, but in this code you can't be sure that the GtkTreeIter is valid, because the lock has been dropped and reacquired. Validating and using an iter while holding the lock is safer.

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