Re: gdk threads enter/leave not enough?

Felix Kater wrote:
b. It is not possible to savely call gtk/gdk functions from different
threads using gdk_threads_enter/leave only (see my original post). In this
case a thread enters gdk_threads_enter() although is shouldn't. My
workaround: Use flags and let gtk functions be called from one thread

Not to say that gdk_threads_enter/leave shouldn't work, but using
only one thread to update the GUI is common practice and generally
makes multithreaded life in GTK+ alot easier.

All in all it seems that gdk_threads_enter/leave does nothing in my
case ?! Is it possible that I have initiated threads but forgotten
something essential to turn on gdk_threads_enter/leave?

Note that gdk_threads_enter/leave simply do nothing if GTK+ was
compiled without thread support.

Did you call g_thread_init() and did it report an error ?


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