Re: gtk+ with gnomecanvas on win32

Thank you,

How do you do this? Do simply compile the source code of gnomecanvas?
Is it posibel to do this whit all of the gnomelibs? Don't they use
stuff wich is not availibel under windows like the xwindow etc? Do you
use libs that simulate that?
Is there a problem when I use libs compiled inMinGW/GCC in msvc. 

The Tool wich I am porting includes gnome.h. If I am not wrong this is
a headerfile wich includes a lot of other header files. not? Is there
a simpel way to compile those stuff for win32?
Or is it best to look wich stuff is needed and then compile this?


On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 02:36:13 -0300, Daniel K. O.
<danielosmari yahoo com br> wrote:
Pieter Engelen wrote:

I'm porting a tool written for linux with gtk+, gnomecanvas etc.
I have a problem with porting the gnomecanvas stuff. Gnomecanvas does
not exist on win32

I just downloaded and compiled it 10 minutes ago.

Compiled with -O2 -fexpensive-optimizations, using MinGW/GCC 3.4.1.

Daniel K. O.

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