RE: printf

It is simplier than that.
it is not g_printf();
it is g_print();
and a tip, if want the stuf to be printed before the
crash use fflush(stdout);
fflush() forces the stream to be printed!
Sometimes the process crash and the output has not
been outputted!! If something is printed, than the
crash is not in the g_print() or printf(), it is in
somewhere after that, I don't know the diferences
betwen g_print and printf, but I use both of then.
                           Good luck, Murilo

 --- martyn 2 russell bt com escreveu: > > Hi,

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but basically
I'm trying to insert
printf statement in my gtk program and it causes
my program to crash.
Below is the problematic code fragment:

g_printf("box: (in px) height=%d,
                   box->height, box->width, box->depth);

height, width and depth are all gints. Could
someone please enlighten

Does printf () behave the same way?

By the looks of it, box must be NULL, although I bet
you're going to
tell me it isn't.

What happens if you replace height, width and depth
for actual integers?


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