Re: Static linking in GTK Windows

rhkelly writes:
We would like to say: look, this is a single .exe file, put it
anywhere on your drive, run it as you would run any *.exe applet,
(e.g. notepad) and simply delete it if/when you decide you don't
want it any more.

If they are experienced users, I can understand their reluctance to
run an installer that they don't know what it does. Why don't you just
then put your app + a stripped down
GLib+Atk+Pango+GTK+libintl+libiconv (without message catalogs,
unneeded gdk-pixbuf loaders, immodules etc) in a zip file, and tell
them: "Unzip this in some scratch folder, cd to the "bin" directory,
and run the app." They can be sure then that no installer does
anything funny.


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