Re: Static linking in GTK Windows

Tor Lillqvist wrote:

I guess that the reason the original poster wants a static library is
so that he needs to distribute less files with his application? This
is misguided thinking. GTK+ is a big library, and if it's larger than
an application using it, so what... He should also take into
consideration how the LGPL affects his software if he links statically
to LGPL code. (Or is there any difference?  Can't remember right now.)
Also, one very imporant selling point of GTK+, GLib etc is i18n. It
would be a bad idea not to distribute the message catalogs to

Does the above mean that there is no practical way to distribute
a single .exe file and expect it to run on the user's computer?

In my experience most Windows users are becoming very reluctant
to "install" a test/demo of a previously unheard-off package,
fearing, (IMHO justifiably) that a) the install will somehow
damage the integrity of their system and/or b) that they will
have all kinds of problems if and when it comes time to remove
the package from the system.

Roger K.

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