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On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 13:22, rhkelly wrote:

Does the above mean that there is no practical way to distribute
a single .exe file and expect it to run on the user's computer?

That is correct.  There are very few apps that distribute for windows in
one exe (you're not talking an installer, but the app itself, right?). 
You can simply wrap up your app's files in a nice installer/uninstaller
setup.exe file. 

In my experience most Windows users are becoming very reluctant
to "install" a test/demo of a previously unheard-off package,
fearing, (IMHO justifiably) that a) the install will somehow
damage the integrity of their system and/or b) that they will
have all kinds of problems if and when it comes time to remove
the package from the system.

Most Windows users are over-eager to install software, in my
experience.  They click on setup.exe without a care in the world and
then ask their computer expert family member to come reinstall the whole
OS every few months when it's bogged down.

If you do your installer right, then this whole issue shouldn't be a

Another cross-platform ui library that can be statically linked to the
exe (actually it has to be because of c++ abi problems) is wxWindows. 
The library itself is about 1.5 mb (not too bad), so your exe's are all
at least 1.5 mb.


Roger K.

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