Re: Static linking in GTK Windows

Michael Torrie wrote:

Does the above mean that there is no practical way to distribute
a single .exe file and expect it to run on the user's computer?

That is correct.  There are very few apps that distribute for windows in
one exe (you're not talking an installer, but the app itself, right?).

Right. We have a test/demo package, and the most common response
from the users who decline to even look at it (in its present form, before this possible rewrite to gtk) is: 'I'm not going through the trouble of installing etc. etc...' (and mostly for the reasons mentioned before). We would like to say: look, this is a single .exe file, put it anywhere on your drive, run it as
you would run any *.exe applet, (e.g. notepad) and simply
delete it if/when you decide you don't want it any more.
The program will *not* write to any system file or directory, period. It will read and write *only* from the locations you
explicitly provide to it.

In my experience most Windows users are becoming very reluctant
to "install"...

Most Windows users are over-eager to install software, in my
experience.  They click on setup.exe without a care in the world...

You are absolutely right when it comes to novices and 'home crowd'. Our target audience are experienced computer users, professionals in the industry we serve - this probably explains their reaction.

If you do your installer right, then this whole issue shouldn't be a

Of course, but it's those users that are not convinced. And we
would rather not fight them on the issue - the customer is,
after all, always right.

Thanks for your comments.

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