Re: 24-bit-per-pixel limit to Gdk RGB ?

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That's interesting. I was always under the imprsesion that we have left 
24bpp displays far behind. Here's what my system says:

Resolution        Video Memory

640 x 480               32-bit
800 x 600             32-bit
1024 x 768          32-bit

I _think_ that those 8 extra bits are for alpha blending (transparency). 

Eek.... I was hoping for greater bit depth, but I'm getting more and 
more convinced that it's pointless to try and render a 48 bpp image at 
48 bpp screen depth when screens are at most 24bpp deep.

It's not pointless. You won't lose much quality. Consider: on a 1024*768 monitor
you can only display 786432 different colors (if every pixel has a different
color, which is quite rare, unless you've got some very psychedelic images)

To be able to display all the colors in an 24bpp gamut, you'll need 16777216
((2^8)^3) pixels, which is something like 4729*3547 in traditional 4:3 ratio. If
you come across a cheap display that can handle this, let me know. :-)

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