Re: Problem with Gtk Dialog coming up with RedHat Linux 9.0...

robin_field us ibm com wrote:

Hi all,

I have an app that uses GTK dialog's and is running fine with RedHat 7.2 (using Gtk 1.2 installed on OS). We have customers running the new RedHat 8 and 9 and when the app get's to the Gtk Dialog
method, the dialog is not coming up...

Is this a problem with the app not finding GTK path for dynamic lib loading on the OS?? Is Gtk 1.2 compatible with RedHat 8, 9.0??? Any info would be great?

I'd think there'd be more error messages if libraries weren't loading.
If you're using Gtk2, maybe there's a small api change compared to Gtk1.2
(just guessing...).

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