Re: How long will deprecated functions (gtk+-2.0) be available?

Oliver Rauch <oliver rauch rauch-domain de> writes:

I did not find an info in the gtk+-2.0 docs.
Is there a timeplan how long "deprecated" function will
keep available in gtk+-2.0?

They will be removed in GTK 3.0 at earliest, which is probably
sometime in 2004 at earliest. 3.0 may come later than that, and for
deprecated things a lot of people are still using, they may not be
removed until 4.0. GTK 2 will always have these functions and will
be actively maintained for around 6 years. That's the plan anyway.
GTK 1.2 continues to be actively maintained, GTK 2 will similarly be
maintained even after 3.0 comes out.

(BTW: Is it wanted that gtk_gamma_curve is not deprecated although it shall be
removed from gtk one day?)

It looks to me like gammacurve/curve should have been marked
deprecated, perhaps file a bugzilla report.


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