Re: How to resize a widget?

<learfox furry ao net> writes:
   I have a child widget that I need to change its size with in the middle
of run time.

   The first call to gtk_widget_set_usize() works when I have the
widget shown (gtk_widget_show()).

But at some random point while my app is running, I call
gtk_widget_set_usize() again to change its size.  But it has no affect
untill I manually adjust it's toplevel GtkWindow with the pointer.

Is there a way to force a widget to take on a new size (this is a
GtkGLArea widget)?

This is basically a design bug in GTK that we have been trying to work
out the right solution to in GTK 2 recently.

One solution people seem to use is calling
gdk_window_move_resize (toplevel->window). 

Owen and Tim can maybe point to a better solution.


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