Re: Toolbar separators

Ed Symanzik <zik msu edu> writes:

I am using Glade to write a helloworld project.

gnome_app_new gives me a nice, dockable toolbar that 
the user can orient vertically or horizontally.  Cool.
The vseparator I added remains vertical.  Not cool.

I can catch the orientation changes ok, but how do I
switch between a vseparator and a hseparator?

Oddly enough, you would normally use gtk_toolbar_append_space()
instead of a separator widget for a separator in a toolbar. Glade
probably exports this somehow.

At a lower level, why is there a single toolbar widget
with a selectable orientation, but two separate
separators with fixed orientations?  Why not 

Historical reasons; I think "Motif did it that way" is probably the
answer that reaches furthest back into history. (I don't know if Motif
had separators, but I think it has the H/V widgets instead of single
widgets that rotate.)


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