Re: Looking for a tree widget

Liam Quin <liam holoweb net> writes:
Andrew Post <apost cbmi upmc edu> writes:
I'm looking for a gtk+ tree widget that's similar to the Tree widget in
SlingShot 2.1 (the extension library to XView). Has anyone seen such a

I've actually been thinking of porting it recently.

For those who don't know, it draws a computer-science-style tree,
where the nodes are canvas items. The layout is very economical of

Example at
although this doesn't show the widget very well I'm afraid.

A neat way of doing this might be to write it as an alternate view on
GtkTreeModel from GTK 2. (i.e. a replacement for GtkTreeView)

Then you could easily support e.g. either the more standard tree view
or this tree view as options in a file manager.


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