Re: Looking for a tree widget

I put up a screenshot from the Linux implementation of the Open Look
file manager at

The Tree code implements a layout algorithm from IEEE Software, July
1990, "Drawing Dynamic Trees." Derivatives of this algorithm have been
used to generate hierarchical web browser histories such as in MosaicG

I'm looking for an API with basic functions for adding and removing
elements from the tree and traversing it. Specific UIs seem likely to be
app-specific. For example, I was thinking about displaying a graphical
representation of a web site for a site management tool that I'm working
on. Another example is a hierarchical history: it might be a neat
addition to Nautilus.


Liam Quin wrote:

Andrew Post <apost cbmi upmc edu> writes:
I'm looking for a gtk+ tree widget that's similar to the Tree widget in
SlingShot 2.1 (the extension library to XView). Has anyone seen such a

I've actually been thinking of porting it recently.

For those who don't know, it draws a computer-science-style tree,
where the nodes are canvas items. The layout is very economical of

Example at
although this doesn't show the widget very well I'm afraid.


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