Re: pixmaps etc

david rohde <s371117 student uq edu au> writes:
I am at the moment writing a gimp plug in.  The program needs to display an
image made up of smaller squares (tiles).  The program generates these
squares on the fly.  I am interested in finding out the best way to do this.

At the moment the approach I am using is a table filled with pixmaps.  I
have been unable to get this to work.  I think my problems is that the
pixmap functions uses GdkColor paramater for the background and foreground.
I have been unable to work out what these paramaters are used for.  (I have
made an effort to find this on the web, but gave up after some hours).

gdk_draw_pixmap() doesn't use the colors for anything. 
Is there a better approach to take than using pixmaps?
If not can someone point me in the direction of some documentation on what
these paramaters do.

I would generally approach this problem with either a GtkDrawingArea
or a GnomeCanvas, rendering either GdkPixmap or GdkPixbuf to the
canvas/area, the choices depend on how you generate the tiles and what
you are doing with them.


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