Re: How do I force a redraw?

Werner Lehmann <wl bwl uni-kiel de> writes: 
There is a gtk_container_get_toplevels(), but I don't see
gtk_window_list_toplevels() anywhere documented or in the source of
v1.2.8 at least. This function would have helped me a month ago a
lot. I had to workaround with my own list and register/un- register
calls which had to be added to a zillion files manually :(

Oh, sorry. window_list_toplevels() replaces container_get_toplevels()
in 2.0, apparently. But container_get_toplevels() returns the same
list (with different memory management on the return value). So you
should be able to use container_get_toplevels() in 1.2.


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