Re: [gthumb-list] Can I 'root' gthumb away from my home directory?

On Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 03:27:26PM +0100, Paolo Bacchilega wrote:
Il 24/12/2011 12:06, Chris Green ha scritto:

What I'd like is either to hide all of those directories and just show
the pictures directory or (second best but acceptable) have pictures as
one of the top level diretories.

What is 'Home Folder' supposed to show?  On my system at the moment when
I try and open it all I get is 'Loading...' and nothing more happens.
If I could change it so that it was the pictures folder I'd have just
about what I want.

gThumb already has this feature.  It's likely that on your system
the XDG special directories are not set correctly, to do this you
have to execute the xdg-user-dirs-update utility from the command

Aha, excellent, thank you.

I don't like spurious empty directories so I had set all of the entries
in $HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs to $HOME, this prevents the system
creating various default directories that I don't want.

Since gthumb uses this to find where my pictures are all I needed to to
was edit the PICTURES entry in $HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs back to what
I want and now I'm happy!

Thanks for the help.

Chris Green

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