Re: [gthumb-list] gvfs-based photo importer

Jef Driesen wrote:
I would develop this change into a separate feature branch. We have git for a reason :-) This is a major change with a very high impact on end users, so we should be extra careful with this. Maybe even keep the old gphoto code (with a couple of #ifdef's) around for some time, in case the new code breaks something.

Nah. If it was stuck in a branch, no one except me would test it!

My testing suggests that the gvfs-based importer works pretty well. I was sceptical at first, but after coding and testing it, the basic approach seems sound and elegant.

#ifdefs are not really an option. It's way too complex for that. All or nothing!

I'm sure we'll modify the UI some. I don't claim to be a UI guru.

- Mike

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