Re: [gthumb-list] ext branch first impressions

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak ha scritto:
Paolo Bacchilega wrote:
Speed was one of my goals when rewriting the code, I noticed that in the

Good job!

I don't think a standard user wants to change the importer preferences every single time he imports photos from a camera, I don't know why this happens to you, maybe you want to list your use cases so I can better understand your needs. The group-by-month option seems useful to me, on the other hand if the custom format can be avoided I'll be happier because it's really hard to understand even for an advanced user.

I switch constantly between three use cases:
maybe we need an easy way save various configurations and put a configuration chooser in the main dialog

- personal photos to /photos/2009-08 (i.e., grouped by month)
- my son's photos to /photos/2009-08-John (custom format, yyyy-mm-John)
in this case you could use /photos/John/2009-08 to avoid custom formats
- work photos to /workdir/new (no grouping at all)

The trunk UI accommodates all that very nicely. I think any serious photographer will have their own organizing scheme, which is why the custom format codes are nice to have. The ability to combine something like "Smith Wedding" and the date will be handy.
even in this case you can use a subfolder scheme as I suggest above

I'm not saying the trunk UI is perfect. But it is useful!
- Mike
the ext branch is open to changes, I just want to avoid a too complicated UI

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