[gthumb-list] ext branch first impressions

Hi Paolo & everyone,

After a few minor fixes, I've managed to compile and run the ext branch.

The new tree view looks really nice, although there are still some FIXMEs in the code (clicking and double-clicking should expand the folders, for example).

Things feel faster too, though I'm not sure why.

I'm not so happy with the importer UI, though. I don't like how the destination settings are in a second preferences dialog, and I don't like how my group-by-month and group-by-custom-format-code features are gone. Personally, I'm always changing destinations and grouping methods and I miss the functionality and everything-in-one-dialog UI of the trunk version.

Is the importer extension disabled by default intentionally?

The "Properties" (exif, iptc, etc) entries are shown in very tiny text on my system. Perhaps there should be a +/- zoom control for that.

There is a "Metadata" button, but it doesn't show exif metadata. It's the old comments stuff. I don't think it should be called "Metadata" if it doesn't show exif metadata. (Also, the dialog that appears is labeled "Properties", but it is different than the sidebar properties treeview.)

Anyway, I hope this feedback is useful.

- Mike

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