Re: xy scatter plot with sub-groups


The best way, IMHO, is to have one series per category so that you can
choose a marker for each category.

The coloured XY plot needs three numerical series, to use it you nee to
replace the third variable by numerical constants.

Hope this helps,


Le jeudi 16 octobre 2014 à 17:14 +0200, ftr a écrit :
I try to chart a scatter plot with several sub-groups. For instance, in 
a data set with countries as cases the country levels of 
nominal_membership by active_membership  by welfare_regime. For each 
combination a different colour or better, a different symbol should be used.
As a result I would like to get one plot with the scatter points in 
different colours or symbols according to the levels of the third variable.

How can I plot this relation ? I did not find a way. says 
nothing about my question.
My own in-built help says Topic chapter-graphs not found.
The coloured xy graph procedure does not produce a graph.


To give you my example data:
Country    nominal_membership    active_membership    welfare_regime
AT    75    35    Corporatist
DE    71    44    Corporatist
DK    92    48    Nordic
ES    36    25    Latin
FI    76    36    Nordic
FR    50    42    Corporatist
GR    25    13    Latin
HU    27    20    Transformation
IE    68    36    Liberal
IT    35    22    Latin
NL    84    41    Corporatist
PL    21    11    Transformation
PT    29    18    Latin
SE    90    48    Nordic
SI    52    26    Transformation
UK    70    49    Liberal

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