Re: non-destructive paste?

Select n lines before selecting Edit/Insert/Rows, this will insert n

Hope this helps,

Le dimanche 22 septembre 2013 à 17:13 -0400, Allin Cottrell a écrit :
This must be dead simple, but I'm not finding it via google.

I select and copy n rows of material in sheet2 of a workbook, then I 
switch to sheet1, use Insert to prepend a blank row, and do paste with the 
cursor in A1. The effect is to overwrite the first n-1 rows in sheet1.

That's what you'd want sometimes, but what I want is for the paste to 
prepend the sheet2 data, moving the existing rows down, not overwriting 
them. How is that done, please?

(This is gnumeric 1.12.7.)

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