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On Tue, 2011-12-27 at 10:20 -0800, bob_hayden wrote:
Thank you very much.  That will enable me to do what I need to do.  The real
issue turned out to be that Excel's default is to assign a named range an
absolute address while Gnumeric's is to assign a relative address.  (Hence I
post this to the list in case that confuses others.)

You appear to be using a 1.8.x release. In oter words a very old
Gnumeric version. Gnumeric 1.10.0 was released on 2010-02-13, nearly 2
years ago. The last stable release of Gnumeric was 1.10.17 released on

In any recent version of Gnumeric, by default defining a name uses
absolute addresses.

  May I ask a question
(or make a suggestion) about the implementation here?  One of the reasons to
have a drop-down list of names is to help the user keep track of their names
and avoid problems caused by typos in entering names, so it seems to me some
aid in this would be useful in Gnumeric. 

In any recent version of Gnumeric you can use F3 to raise a dialog to
select a defined name and paste it into a formula currently being

 Then from my own limited
experience and the examples I see in textbooks it seems that a named range
would almost always have an absolute address so I am curious why Gnumeric
defaults to a relative one?

see above (ie. it has been defaulting to an absolute address for quite
a while.)

I don't mean to suggest that whatever Excel does is the gold standard.  (I
normally use the 1995 version of Lotus 1-2-3 for my own work;-)  However,
all my clients insist on using Excel.     I am trying to wean them away from
that but missing features or things that work differently generate doubt. 
In some cases, for example the superior algorithms for probability
distributions in Gnumeric, I can give a good reason why Gnumeric is
different -- and better!

In the moment you are missing all changes/improvements that happened in
the 1.10 stable series. We are currently working on the 1.11 development
series. Yo may want to consider upgrading Gnumeric to 1.10.17.


Jean Brefort-2 wrote:

... For example, in an application
I piloted in Excel 2000, I needed to work with a block of 30,000 cells. 
gets tiresome highlighting that with a mouse, so in Excel I named if
and can select the whole block by pulling down the Name window and
Fred.  But in Gnumeric that window just shows single cell addresses.

Type Fred in the selection entry at left of the formula entry.

  I can
also do this in Calc where I can, for example, enter a formula like
"=sum(Fred)" and get something reasonable while Gnumeric just returns 0
matter what is in Fred.

"=sum(Fred)" works for me. Can you send me a sample file were it does
not work? I didn't test with 1.8 though, much too old here.


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