Re: How to insert names (NEW USER) ++ and USE them!

Le lundi 26 décembre 2011 à 19:02 -0800, bob_hayden a écrit :
I don't quite folow that but then I am in Gnumeric 1.8 (because that is what
is in my distro's repository).  I have been able to assign a name to a range
but I cannot figure out how to USE the name.  For example, in an application
I piloted in Excel 2000, I needed to work with a block of 30,000 cells.  It
gets tiresome highlighting that with a mouse, so in Excel I named if "Fred"
and can select the whole block by pulling down the Name window and selecting
Fred.  But in Gnumeric that window just shows single cell addresses.

Type Fred in the selection entry at left of the formula entry.

  I can
also do this in Calc where I can, for example, enter a formula like
"=sum(Fred)" and get something reasonable while Gnumeric just returns 0 no
matter what is in Fred (and after I press F9).  Are the various things other
spreadsheets DO with named ranges not implemented in Gnumeric or am I just
looking in the wrong place?

"=sum(Fred)" works for me. Can you send me a sample file were it does
not work? I didn't test with 1.8 though, much too old here.


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