Re: How to insert names (NEW USER) ++ and USE them!

I don't quite folow that but then I am in Gnumeric 1.8 (because that is what
is in my distro's repository).  I have been able to assign a name to a range
but I cannot figure out how to USE the name.  For example, in an application
I piloted in Excel 2000, I needed to work with a block of 30,000 cells.  It
gets tiresome highlighting that with a mouse, so in Excel I named if "Fred"
and can select the whole block by pulling down the Name window and selecting
Fred.  But in Gnumeric that window just shows single cell addresses.  I can
also do this in Calc where I can, for example, enter a formula like
"=sum(Fred)" and get something reasonable while Gnumeric just returns 0 no
matter what is in Fred (and after I press F9).  Are the various things other
spreadsheets DO with named ranges not implemented in Gnumeric or am I just
looking in the wrong place?

Bob1936 wrote:

Thanks a million Jean, now I see, works fine.  Really appreciate the help.

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