Re: data filters

On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 08:51 -0400, Prof. John C Nash wrote:
A colleague in our local Linux group asked me why category filters don't work for him.
He wants to be able to choose a category and have only expenses of certain types displayed 
-- which works in Gnumeric -- and also have the total of the selected items summed -- 
which doesn't, since the original column sum is kept.

That's not completely correct. If you use the SUBTOTAL() function then
after selecting the appropriate category you just need to type F9 to
recalculate the subtotal. For example if I have 2 column headers in A1
and B1 with categories in A2:A11 and values in B2:B11 I could use
=subtotal(9,B2:B11) to add the values in column B that are in unfiltered
rows where I filter rows using an autofilter on A1:B11.

I hope this makes sense. 

 Both Excel and OOCalc seem to do the 
job, but he's noticed their computational qualities are less attractive than those of 
Gnumeric. (I'm sure most of us would agree.)

I found

with pointers to other bug postings that Andreus has tried to consolidate. This seems to 
be the source of this issue. Does anyone have information on progress to fix this old bug, 
or else pointers to a workaround?

The problem is that the subtotal function does not automatically
recalculate its value, but a simple F9 does the job.


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