Re: First-class QueryTable support?

On Sun, 2010-07-04 at 23:12 -0400, Jonathan DePeri wrote:
Excel, for example, has QueryTables. You create an "object" that lives
somewhere in a sheet and which when refreshed runs a query on the
external data source and displays the query's result set on the sheet.
I have found this indispensable in working with spreadsheets, since
all the data I work with is stored in a database.

It's evident from just that page I read that some desired features may
be missing from Gnumeric's query interface. The fact that it's
completely undocumented also led me to wonder whether it's still being

PLease do not jump to conclusion from the missing documentation. Lots of
Gnumeric's features are not documented and many of the documented
features have changed over time. In fact usually things that are
actively worked tend to be poorly documented. 

There are fewer than a handful of active developers and none is really
interested in the documentation aspect. With respect to query tables,
you may just want to try out what Gnumeric can already do via gda and
then propose improvements (ideally with appropriate patches).


PS: you can typically find us on the #gnumeric channel of

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