Re: First-class QueryTable support?

On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 10:49 PM, Andreas Guelzow <aguelzow pyrshep ca> wrote:
On Sun, 2010-07-04 at 22:44 -0400, Jonathan DePeri wrote:
I've hardly seen support for queries against external data sources
(could be anything, but typically databases) mentioned anywhere. I did
find an explanation (at
how to run SQL queries and am surprised this is not documented in the

Is there any interest in real QueryTable support? I'm sort of a
database junkie myself so might possibly be willing to do the

Hi Jonathan,

in theory databases can be accessed from Gnumeric via gda. (It seems
that half the time that doesn't work properly since nobody seems to be
interested in supporting that.) Could you elaborate of what you mean
with "real QueryTable support"?



Excel, for example, has QueryTables. You create an "object" that lives
somewhere in a sheet and which when refreshed runs a query on the
external data source and displays the query's result set on the sheet.
I have found this indispensable in working with spreadsheets, since
all the data I work with is stored in a database.

It's evident from just that page I read that some desired features may
be missing from Gnumeric's query interface. The fact that it's
completely undocumented also led me to wonder whether it's still being


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