Re: "version control"

Brandon Casey and others have commented on the issue of change tracking in
a spreadsheet.

For information, there is a project called TellTable (
about this, but we drifted off into work on collaborative working modes,
in part because discussions with Jody suggested that the audit trail could
be built into the main application. (We used OO Calc on a server with
change recording turned "on", and the menu item to turn it off suppressed.
Useful, but a hack.) There are also some commercial offerings for Excel.
Bring $$$$ (one outfit only gets interested if you ante-up at least 6
digit figures).

I believe the Gnumeric audit trail code is "mostly" done. However, I've
been very distracted with other stuff so have not paid attention to
feature changes, and I know Jody has been putting out lots of fires. My
own expertise is numerical, not C (and especially not Gnome) programming.
However, if there are folk able and willing to help out, I have some
server resources as well as some very minor research funding that would
allow me to get together with folk and push things along if that is
helpful, including learning how to do the C/Gnome stuff. I am planning to
set aside some time for this sort of work after I formally retire this
June, with priorities being a build-bot for Gnumeric Windows and for
R-Windows, test suite for Gnumeric functions, and the audit trail for
Gnumeric sheets.

John Nash  nashjc _at_

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