Re: gnumeric slow? or is it my machine?

Priit Laes wrote:
Ühel kenal päeval, L, 2008-02-02 kell 14:49, kirjutas Marlon Nelson:
I love Gnumeric.  It's the program that enabled me to switch to Linux.

I'm currently running Gnumeric 1.7.11 under Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) on a
2.26 Ghz Pentium 4 w/512MB ram.
If possible try a newer version. Also, 512MB of RAM doesn't sound too
much nowadays...

Yes, I second that statement. If you have the command "free" available to you, load your spreadsheet, and in a terminal, run "free". That will tell you how much swap you are using. The further you are into swap, the slower your PC will be, regardless if you are in Gnumeric on Linux or in Excel on Windows.


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