gnumeric slow? or is it my machine?

I love Gnumeric.  It's the program that enabled me to switch to Linux.

I'm currently running Gnumeric 1.7.11 under Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) on a 2.26 Ghz Pentium 4 w/512MB ram.

I have a problem, though; a gigantic spreadsheet that I converted from Excel.  It keeps growing, with one row of data being added for each day the stock market is open.

Under WinXP, I don't recall having any performance issues using it with Excel.

Under Ubuntu, OpenOffice Calc can't handle the spreadsheet.  That was the deal breaker until I found Gnumeric.  Performance as a .gnumeric was a bit sluggish but acceptable.

Now, about 9 months later, I'm addicted to Gnumeric, but performance has nearly become unacceptable, and I'm looking for a solution.

I've got manual recalculation set.  A manual recalc takes up to 1 minute.  Inserting a row into my main sheet can also take a long time.

Before I upgrade my hardware, I'm hoping someone will try to use my spreadsheet on a more capable machine, in order to see if upgrading solves the problem.  Can I just attach it to an e-mail to this list?

I'm also thinking of switching to use a database to hold all the data and then somehow using Gnumeric to generate all the charts I need.  This seems like too much work, though.

And finally, I've thought about breaking it up into multiple spreadsheets.  I'd rather not do this, either.


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