Re: Charts: Is there a tutorial? (was:Re: LWN mention + charting UI improvements)

Le samedi 10 mars 2007 à 16:05 +0100, Helge Hielscher a écrit :
On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 17:20:09 +0000, Nick Lamb wrote:

Is there something that can be improved here, to make charting features
more discoverable ? Jonathan Corbet is a fairly smart guy, my guess is
that if he can't use it, at least 90% of spreadsheet users can't either.

Indeed, it is very difficult to find the right option b/c there are so
many. How do other applications handle this.

Is there a tutorial available somewhere?

Don't miss the gnumeric manual, there's a lot of useful informations in

For example I am in the need to replicate this chart:
and Emmanuel Pacaud replied that I could do this:
What would be enough since I am going to edit the chart anyay in inkscape.

One of the main usability issue with the chart guru is the "Add" menu is
populated only with list of objects that can be added to the selected
item. For example, if you want to add horizontal grid lines, you need to
select the y axis, then click on the "Add" menu and select "Major grid

The situation could be improved by populating the "Add" menu with all
objects that can be added to the graph (or may be a selection of the
most used objects + the list of possible selected object childs), and
popup a selection dialog if there's more than one possible parent.

We could also add a palette of the most used objects (Title, Axis,

But how do I replicate the chart?

It's a "line" chart, without what's called Grid object (and is in fact
chart backplane, we should rename this one), and with grid lines which
are childs of x and y axes.



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