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Jean Bréfort wrote:
Le lundi 12 février 2007 à 22:17 +1100, David Hislop a écrit :
I'm building a library and tools (libwpd) on MinGW that uses, among other things, libgsf.

It seems that libgsf has an undocumented dependency on bzip2.dll (or one I can't see :-) ). The versions I'm using are libgsf 1.14.3 and bzip2 1.0.3. I downloaded libgsf binaries and dev from Gnome, and bzip2 binaries and dev from GnuWin32 on SourceForge.

It is not more undocumented than other deps. configure checks if bzip2
is there. I have no idea about how the dll was built.

Everything builds, but executing one (well, any) of the tools fails with entry point BZ2_bzCompress 8 not found in the DLL bzip2.dll.

and the symbol really does not exist in bzip2.dll? Is there any
BZ2_bzCompress* in it?

The libgfs package config file doesn't mention a dependency on bzip2.

It can't, there is no bzip2.pc file.

I've tested bzip2 with a prog that calls BZ2_bzlibVersion(), compiled as
   gcc bztestmain.c -o bztestmain -lbz2
and it works fine.

Any hints or info to correct anything dumb I've done would be appreciated.


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Fairly certain I've seen something like this before. I must ask - do you need to build libwpd from source? There are good binary distributions of it. Make sure you're using the latest libgsf from TML, and then bzip2 comes from the gnuwin32 project, and you may have to use one version older than most recent if I remember correctly. Good luck!


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